Your assistant in the field of electrical and hydro engineering



Engineering consultation

The highly qualified and skilled specialists of the company are to response you questions and help you come to the correct decision on hydraulic and electrical systems’ related problems.

Engineering decision offer

You can cooperate with us since design work stage. In case of operating point – our specialists make local inspection and study all possible variants of technical solutions. They determine current situation and intervention opportunities with special measuring equipments; afterwards they offer engineering solutions corresponding the world standards.

Choice of equipments

With special programs our specialists choose the equipments that provide optimal required operating parameters of given hydro system.

Installation and commission

We implement accurate and competent installation, commission and adjustment of selected equipments with special professional devices.

Guarantee and post guarantee service

Guarantee period service is in the force from the equipment service provision date and valid from one year’s to three years’ period – up to the equipment type.


Group 1455

About us

“Horizon” LLC was founded in 1994. The company operates in the areas of hydrotechnics and
electrotechnics. The company is officially granted as a maintenance partner of famous Danish
Grundfos Company and has a Distributor status. It is also the official partner of the Swedish-
Swiss ABB concern, China company Andeli and German company Reflex Winkelmann in Armenia.
The main directions of the company’s activity are import, sale, mounting, start-up and
commissioning of hydrotechnical and electrotechnical equipment, their fittings and spare parts,
warranty and post-warranty maintenance, engineering consultancy and other.
The main products are pumping stations that are applicable in various fields (food, chemical and
mineral industry, household and other), a wide range of pumps, different and various measuring,
regulating and other related hydrotechnical equipment, various high-voltage and low-voltage
electrotechnical equipment, automatics, robotics and other.


Group 1455