Yerevan city water supply improvement

In 2015 with the contribution of the European financing structures (The European bank for Reconstruction and Development, the European Investment bank, the European Union) a program aimed at the improvement of the water supply of Yerevan city was launched. The issue of replacing 30 yard pump stations with energy saving pumping equipment was also included in the program.

Starting from 2016, when famous French company Veolia started the management of the water supply and sewerage of the capital, there were about 509 yard pump stations in the system which were worn out and didn’t comply with the up-to-day requirements of energy efficiency. During these years the water supply system was upgraded and most of the pumping stations were replaced with modern pumping facilities.

In 2015, 398 yard pumping stations were operating; most of them were GRUNDFOS pumping equipment. The water supply of about 1200 multi-unit apartment buildings, and regular water supply of several blocks of the capital was ensured with their help and only 30 stations were not replaced with the modern equipment. “Horizon” company is quite aware of the modernization of pumping equipment as since 2005 it implements engineering and technical services in water supply system of Yerevan city and is a reliable partner of “Yerevan Djur” company.

The modernization task of the above-mentioned 30 pumping stations includes several issues; the main ones among them are – the cost, the reliability, the energy saving and the availability of spare parts. “Horizon” company carried out a thorough energy saving calculation for each of the pumping stations comparing the prices of the pumping device with the expenses of service for 10 year period and energy saving. Taking into consideration all these parameters the selection was made in favor of pumping stations of GRUNDFOS type Hydro Multi-E. As a result not only “Yerevan Djur” but also the EU structures confirmed that there is no need for announcing a tender and in accordance with the clause of the equipment acquisition, it is required to cooperate only with GRUNDFOS, and according to the clause of engineering, construction, installation and commissioning procedures, a negotiated contract was signed and the company “Horizon” became the main contractor.

The works began on September 18, 2015 and finished completely and without delay on June 30, 2016. At present 30 GRUNDFOS pumping stations of Hydro Multi-E type are under operation ensuring the 24 hour water supply of the population.

The monitoring over the entire process performed German company Fichtner Water & Transportation GmbH, which is a world known consulting, engineering firm specialized in infrastructure projects.