Sololift 2

The Sololift2 is a compact automatic lifting station with 1 additional inlet connections suitable for pumping wastewater from a washbasin and sewage from a toilet. Fast, easy and clean maintenance and servicing make the Grundfos Sololift2 the perfect Macerator for your Bathroom.


1-Welded, pressure tight tank design.
2-Robust grinder that can handle even the occasionally flushed hygienic product.
3-Powerful motor with special winding.
4-Dry-motor design for easy and clean service. Motor, pump and controller unit are integrated into one for easier serviceability & replacement. The SOLOLIFT2 will remain in place for entire service.
5-Self-adjusting auto coupling eases assembly in service case.
6-All screws are captive.
7-Manual anti clogging function.
8-Separate drain function by socket and drain hose.
9-Pressure switch control is outside the tank, so there are no moving parts inside the wastewater.
10-More compact design. Can easily replace any macerator product on the market. Selectable outlet direction for easy replacement.
11-Adaptive height adjustable connectors.
12-Innovative bottom design with a strong chamfer and a self-cleaning function to avoid sedimentation.
13-Uplift fixing with clip makes the SOLOLIFT2 easy to install.
14-Alarm device easily retrofitted - just insert a small PCB with buzzer.
15-One motor for all models.