We offer an entire suite of service which includes:
- Engineering consultation
The highly qualified and skilled specialists of the company are to response you questions and help you come to the correct decision on hydraulic and electrical systems' related problems.
- Engineering decision offer
You can cooperate with us since design work stage. In case of operating point – our specialists make local inspection and study all possible variants of technical solutions. They determine current situation and intervention opportunities with special measuring equipments; afterwards they offer engineering solutions corresponding the world standards.
- Choice of equipments
With special programs our specialists choose the equipments that provide optimal required operating parameters of given hydro system.
- Installation and commission
We implement accurate and competent installation, commission and adjustment of selected equipments with special professional devices.
- Guarantee and post guarantee service
Guarantee period service is in the force from the equipment service provision date and valid from one year's to three years' period – up to the equipment type.