Renewables Solar

New perspectives in green energy

Grundfos UPS SOLAR is simply unique. It is developed and optimized especially for solar thermal systems with respect to pressure/flow requirements and energy consumption, because standard circulator pumps do not deliver optimum performance in solar thermal applications. With Grundfos UPS SOLAR you get a high performance pump system as well as our specialized knowledge of solar thermal applications.

Sustainable solar thermal solutions

On a European and even global level solar heating experiences massive growth due to the increased gas and oil prices as well as increased environmental concern. The sun is an effective energy source and even in Mid and Northern Europe you can cover up to 70% of your domestic hot water demand as well as covering 25% or more of the yearly space heating demand with a 10 m2 solar panel system in a modern one-family house.

Important to choose the right solar pump

Solar systems operate with very low flows compared to other heating systems however with a relative high pressure loss. With a normal standard circulator you would have to minimize the flow with a valve resulting in a significantly higher power consumption. To achieve major reductions in power consumption the Grundfos UPS SOLAR is optimized for operating specifically under these conditions.