Service Kits

Fast and easy parts ordering

Ensuring years of trouble-free and energy-efficient pump operation requires proper maintenance and repairs, which in turn requires that you use original spare parts. If your pumping system consists of standard pumps, you do not need to purchase the necessary parts individually. Grundfos can offer Service kits developed specifically for each pump/system. Our Service kits contain original spare parts such as O-rings and shaft seals for particular products from our portfolio. We have developed the kits carefully based on our product expertise and application experience to facilitate most common service and repair operations for your particular product. Service kits are the fast and easy way to purchase and stock most necessary spare parts for standard Grundfos pumps, saving you a lot of time and effort in your maintenance efforts.


-Easy and convenient parts purchase for standard products
-Minimized downtime
-Installation reliability with fully documented and tested parts
-Flexible acquisition options