Heating And Hot Water

Unmatched comfort

Pleasant indoor temperatures and the possibility of instant hot water on demand could be considered some of the corner stones of comfortable modern living. At Grundfos our focus is firmly on customer needs and superior user experiences. We know that no house is the same, and heating and hot water need to be changed from day to day, and from summer to winter. The AUTOADAPT system within our circulators ensures the water for heating and hot water is always properly re-circulated. Delivering the highest possible comfort with the lowest possible energy usage. Always.

Warming up to modern comfort

Most people associate a comfortable home with a warm and cosy indoor environment. That is why a domestic heating circulator pump is an integral part of any household with central or district heating. It represents the heart of the system and is responsible for moving hot water from the boiler to heating devices such as radiators, and for securing optimum heat regulation. Heat is generated by the boiler. Pipes then carry the heated water to the building's heat sources (radiators) and return the cooled water to the boiler again. Originally, many central heating systems were designed to be self-circulating, but now circulators are always used to pump heated water through the system.

Waiting for hot water mounts up

The amount of water wasted each year in a household using a conventional plumbing system depends on factors such as size of living area, number of occupants, lifestyle, age and type of installation, etc.

Grundfos to the rescue

To save your customers wasting time, money and water on a daily basis, they need to install a hot water recirculation system. In practice this means that a plumbing system has to include a dedicated return line. Installing a Grundfos circulation pump in the hot water string ensures that hot water is always available throughout the system. Turn on a hot tap anywhere in the house and the water will always be hot. No waiting. No waste.

We're ready for the future now

Grundfos ALPHA2 and MAGNA circulators already met the EU's ecodesign requirements years ago. Running on as little as 5W and with more than two million units sold since the market introduction in 2007, ALPHA2 has already demonstrated its worth in domestic heating applications. Proven and reliable technology and satisfied homeowners around the globe are a testament to this. The same can be said about the MAGNA for commercial buildings, which is equally reliable and uses up to 70% less energy than other standalone circulators of its size.

The only circulator setting you'll really ever need

Why worry about the optimal setting, when the Grundfos technology in the pump will find it for you? In 80% of installations the Grundfos AUTOADAPT function takes care of everything automatically. AUTOADAPT is a factory preset that immediately activates once the pump is switched on. Over the first days of operation, it carefully analyses the system and learns how and when system demands vary. AUTOADAPT then adjusts the performance to match these changes in demands - and in the way that uses the least amount of energy. AUTOADAPT doesn't stop there. After it has established the optimum performance curve, it begins analyzing all over again. If it finds that an improvement can be made, it will re-adjust the control curve. This process repeats automatically for the entire lifetime of the pump.