Demand A Waterworks Ready To-'Plug & Pump'

The MQ is a compact booster with a unique ability to maintain pressure by boosting the mains system or pumping water from a well. Once filled with water the MQ can guarantee lifting from a depth as low as 8 metres. With over 1 million MQ pumps in use around the world this is a pump that actively helps you guarantee professional performance. Demand premium performance with fully integrated components, demand the MQ.

Повышение Давления

Demand constant pressure, the CME booster

The CME booster is unique within its class. Regardless of variations in demand or inlet pressure, it creates constant pressure within the system. The entire solution is a combined unit consisting of one Grundfos CME pump fitted with a five-way fitting and a diaphragm tank. This product enables you to demand more performance from boosting solutions, with straightforward installation, guaranteed water pressure without fluctuations, and the possibility of tailored pressure at the touch of a button.

Demand more, flexibility- CM booster with the PM1 and PM2

The Grundfos CM Booster PM1 guarantees the right pressure for all domestic water supply applications. Utterly reliable & efficient it operates quietly and has a dry-running protection feature. The integrated flow switch optimises operations and also serves as a non-return valve reducing any loss in pressure. Uniquely flexible it can be positioned anywhere in the installation. The PM2 provides adjustable pressure settings, allowing for maximum control of water pressure at pump start-up. Its distinct pressure sensors enable installers to read current pressure on the intuitive LED display and adjust the starting pressure between 1.5 - 5 bar.