KamstrupKamstrup is a Danish manufacturer of energy and water meters and meter reading systems for utilities and natural gas distributors. The company was founded in 1946 by Mr. Olaf Kamstrup in Aarhus (Denmark) with the developing mindset: "There's always a better solution". Since then Kamstrup has made high-quality products and customer satisfaction imperative, which has eventually made Kamstrup the world’s largest manufacturer of advanced ultrasonic heat meters and MULTICAL a renowned brand.
With 60 years experience and more than 6,000,000 energy and water meters installed in as different places as Singapore, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and Sweden to name just a few, Kamstrup has acquired a unique know how in metering solutions.
All Kamstrup heat, cooling and water meters are intelligent meters based on ultrasonic technology, which has proven long-term measuring stability. Production lines are designed specifically for high-precision and high-volume production. Kamstrup is accredited to perform verification of energy and water meters for legal purposes.
The product range includes residential and industrial heat and cooling meters, intelligent water meters and electricity meters besides a variety of automatic meter reading systems.
Kamstrup metering solutions are applied in households, commercial buildings and industrial buildings where they secure fair billing and the efficient use of energy.