ABB Armenia

ABBThe Company ’’Horizon’’ is the partner of well-known Swiss-Swedish ABB Company in Armenia which is one of the leading ones in the world in the field of electrical engineering, robotics technology, power engineering and information technologies. ABB company produces quality high-voltage and low-voltage electrical equipment complying with the European standards, including circuit breakers, residual current devices, contactors, monitoring and protection relays, electronic sensors and testing devices, as well as various types of electrical installation devices.
ABB Company was founded in 1988 as a result of the fusion of Swedish ASEA and Swiss BBC companies that already had a hundred year history in the fields of electrical engineering and energy systems. The production capacities of ABB company are spread nearly in all the West European countries (Germany, Sweden, France, Italy, Switzerland and other), in China, USA, Brazil and the offices of the company are represented in more than 100 countries of the world. The annual turnover of the company is more than 40 billion US dollar and the employees are more than 150.000. The basic areas of ABB production are automation technologies and power engineering.